Nora Allen is a supporting character of The Flash. She is the wife of Henry Allen and the mother of Barry Allen. She was murdered when Barry was young but when he returned to the past he saved her. She is portrayed by the guest starring cast member Michelle Harrison.

Early Life Edit

Original Timeline Edit

In the original timeline Nora was never murdered and the rest of her life it's unknown.

Reverse-Flash Timeline Edit

Eobard Thawne a.k.a Reverse-Flash wanted to destroy The Flash so he returned to the year 2000 and killed Nora Allen, however he lost his speed force connection and Barry still became The Flash.

Current Timeline Edit

It happened to Nora almost the same thing that in the Reverse-Flash timeline except that Barry from 2016 arrived and knocked out the Reverse-Flash and saved her.

The Flash Edit

Season One Edit

In Pilot,

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